Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gay Men Are Not Perverts And They Do Not Attack Little Children

Gay Men Are Not Perverts And They Do Not Attack Little Children

Rome decided that seminaries will be inspected to find out if any gays are present. If they are "discovered" they will be let out,according to the Chicago Sun Times.This was found in"The Week", October 7, 2005.

Would somebody please tell the Pope and Rome that the definition of being a very sick person , (a pediafile), is not a  typical gay person? Would someone tell him please that the two things are not at all related ? I abhor pediafiles too, but maybe we can focus on people preying on little children .And that to say that means that some person will be targeted in the name of religion?

Remember that Jesus Christ said "Judge not lest ye be judged?"

Come on now. This is not ethical.


sugar1337 said...

It is a proven fact that most child molestors and the like are white straight men, who often have children and are married themselves.

dreamingbrwneyes said...

And it's because of this small minded thinking that the abuse of children continues. In most cases THEY ARE AFTER THE WRONG PEOPLE. Sorry the caps, this stuff just infuriates me!!!

psychfun said...


lisbnjvi said...

Okay, how exactly are they going to determine if any of them are gay??!?  This sounds like the old witch hunts of the 1700's.  Ridiculous!
Hugs and love,

princesssaurora said...

Apparently the Pope has forgotten that Jesus said that... frightening isn't it???


Tolerance...apparently not a necessary virtue for a Pope?  Sheesh...

Be well,

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kiplingcrissy said...

I don't believe that all gay men are pediphiles. There could be some out there just the same as straight guys. But, I don't believe gay or lesbians should be in church because that is against God. How can you go to church and say your a christian and live a lifestyle of sin. I am sorry, people can call me intolerant or whatever but,  that is how i feel.