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Fantastic Blogs:Family Life

Fantastic Blogs:Family Life

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Kelli writes about the life of her family. She has a Marine as a Husband and three great kids in San Diego, Ca.
She includes many awesome adventures with the kids and she writes about her hobbies.
She is an accomplished cook and quilter.

Lori writes about life int he country with her great family! She is great at telling stories and you will  love her wonderful tales about fishing expeditions and possums hanging out with her kittens!Her children are very interesting too..much fun and humor!

Barbara writes a wonderful blog about her great family; her husband and her kids and cousins and the great life they lead in a country setting. . I love the tales of country cookouts and fun days with the kids in the meadow!
Barbara is a deep and insightful woman and her tales about life are compassionate. Her use of graphics is tremendous. Faith in Caneyfield/

Beth writes nice entries about her family in Indiana. She loves her family nd friendsand she writes colorful warm vignettes about her family's trips and adventures. her photography is good too. HadonfieldMyersExperience/
Hadonfield writes with joy and equanimity abut anything is life that presents itself!
An awesome writer, devoted husband and father, devoted community member and
artist, he never bores! But he always surprises! Be prepared for this gently soul.'sLament/
Raven writes about her family and her dog. whom she loves so much!
Raven writes about herself; she is a Native American, artist, advocate for women finding their voice, passionate wife, mother and writer! Many times I have been in awe of her writing and her great graphic art.


Jeanette writes about her family and friends in Great Britain in a wonderful entertaining way!She used graphics well and her stories , whether about her local adventures, or those of her kids and grand kids, are very entertaining! She is a cancer survivor and we are all so very proud of her as a wife, mother , grandmother and writer!


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I know the second one but not the first.  Be helpful if you could actually put the hyperlink in rather than just the address.

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I truly appreciate your kind review of my blog.  ;o)  You are a sweetie!  And I have enjoyed your look at many different blogs and types of blogs.  We are really blessed with something for everyone here in J-land.  -  Barbara

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