Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exceptional Blogs: Educational Blogs

Exceptional Blogs:Educational Blogs

It's time to give hugs all around! I am going to try to mention a few of my favs.
Please have patience : you people are so great it takes a lot of time to write about you!
And I will be adding as I go. Thanks


Bea does a great job in her blog describing her creative and artistic students!
Ever the educator, Bea also includes interesting facts about science, Mother Nature, life.
Bea is a compassionate educator and a wonderful human being! Stories/

Marti talks about her challenges as a teacher. She has a very interesting take on education and she is very open minded; with a great sense of humor!:) She always surprises me with her love of kids and of her family and her great sense of humor! she's soooo funny when she describes her own kids and their antics! :) Kate/An AnalysisofLife/
Kate write about Roman and Greek mythologies in a way that we can understand. She alos writes about her wonderful family in England; her kids ae adventurous!:)
She is an archeologist and she writes about new finds in the field; some of which her own team was involved with! Very interesting!

Ken writes about his life managing a nuclear plant and his family. He is a convincing advocate for the development of different kinds of energy and for the development of your spiritual and psychological life. He includes interesting facts of science in his blog and
he writes stories about his trips.


jeanno43 said...

What a nice idea.  I am a reader of both of them.

buckoclown said...

Thanks for tagging my journal :o)