Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Inspirational Blogs:Christianity and Judaism

Great Inspirational Blogs:Christianity

Carolyn takes no prisoners.I do not have to agree with all of her beliefs;au contraire.
She enjoys discussion of some great religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Join her for a lively discussion about the lives of Muslims, Christians, Jews in today's controversial world. She is a wonderful mother and wife . Carolyn still lives in Cananda
I think.
Sugar lives in Kansas. She used to travel all over the world teaching people as a missionary. These entries are fascinating. Her entries now a days are full of joy, humor and spiritual insight! She is a great mother, grandmother, friend to all and writer.
Laini and Mark write this colorful journey; filled with joy.compassion and love of Judaism and each other. It is a touching story of how they met at Temple and the beautiful life and customs and traditions that followed.

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jeanno43 said...

Natalie, thank you for mentioning me, but slow down a little, give people a chance to get to the journals you have already mentioned.  You are going to run out of steam at this rate and people will not be able to cope lol

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lifesabench6 said...

Hi nat- You're so sweet! Thank you for adding me too- you've got some other excellent choices, and I'm going to have to try and get to some of them!  God Bless!  And, no, I don't live in Canada anymore.  I was born and raised there, but have lived in the States for 17 years!  I will become a citizen on my 22 anniversary~  My parents don't want me to be a citizen (I think they still expect me to move back home someday) but I love America like no other and I told them once I'd been here for as long as being a Canadian- I WILL OFFICIALLY BECOME AN AMERICAN!  God Bless America- and God bless you Nat!  Love Carolyn

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Valuable resource of Judaism news summaries: