Thursday, August 28, 2008

Honor 911 Victims/ Project 2996

Aol has a tradition of contributing to the memorials that Mr. Dale C.Roe has encouraged and publicized with his Project 2996.
The year due to personal circumstances, Mr. Roe asks us to write about someone .
He says he will start up a page where people can log their name , the victim's name whom they are honoring and a Link to their own blog.
I want to know, do you like this project?
Will you tell us more information and help fellow bloggers participate?
Please write your feelings too about 911.
Thank you!
p.s.What you might consider doing, if interested, is to contact:

Then please post the links to you memorials here.
Then you can email them to and tell Dale it's for his update page!

I think it is a great idea.

Honor 911 Victims / Write a Memorial to a 911 Victim/ Project 2996

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