Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Power of One: Book review

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The Power of One
Bryce Courtney

Courtenay has written a stunning and colorful book about a child growing up in South Africa in 1939 when apartheid was taking place in South Alric and Hitler was taking hold world wide. His name was Peekay.
Peekay learned to absorb loving traditions from Zulus, Afriakaners later and their culture roots in his heart; giving him strength.
Peekay is a smart, endearing child who loves other people around him and the special animals he knows. Peekay learns to over come abandonment, prejudice and humiliation to develop his own inner core strength, self esteem and leadership.
There is a wonderful cultural weave of the mixture of Zulu, Afrikaner, German, and English cultures which adds so much depth and joy!
Would you read this book?
How about your teen?

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lurkynat said...

I know apartheid and  being a Nazi is maybe not your venue.
It seems important to look at now in our world.