Sunday, January 1, 2006

Punked by Bea! "List Weird and Wild things you do!"

Punked By Bea! "List Weird and Wild Things You do"!

1. Ya! Right! Err..I tend to ask questions continually until I understand something....

( I like new information! So...people used to get annoyed at college...they were thinking something like:

"Oh no! Don't get her started!)lol!..I do also think that the people who wanted to sleep in class hated me the most!

I can do the question thing at home too...

2.I have very vivid dreams. (Some people do not even think that they can dream, so this is a bizarre twist!) lol! (hehehe..)

3. Actually I was raised with excellent manners so I prefer that to no manners (how unusual nat!) "huh?!!!"

4. I will stick up for children when they are abused and some people think that this is unnecessary.

("Why do you want to encourage them to read and compliment them when their parents just want you to discipline them?"

5.When I was in college, I thought it was fun to go swimming in mountain streams. ("Gosh Nat, that is cold!"). "Huh??!"

6. My cousin and I once played a cool game of

"Capture the Flag" on a boat! The captain wanted to toss us off the boat!

7. As a child I always wanted to travel to India to study.

PLease!!!! My readers! Please consider yourself punked unless you have already done this!

Please leave your link for us to read your work!

hugs, nat


psychfun said...

Yep, I ask questions like crazy in class to. Too many who are apathetic & don't know what opportunity they are missing when they are in class. Agree on the stopping abuse too.

sazzylilsmartazz said...


bgilmore725 said...

Another vivid dreamer! I knew it. Great list... I'm afraid I haven't swam in mountain streams, for that very reason. Brrrr! Travel to India, hmmm! That is interesting. Happy New Year Nat! Bea

lisbnjvi said...

I have already done my weird list and it was definately weird!  LOL!  I also dream intense dreams, so I have to take meds in order to get a restful sleep.  If I don't take meds, I dream too hard, if that makes any sense.  Good list though, you aren't that weird!  :)
Hugs and love,

firestormkids04 said...

Okay, Natalie!  I finally did it!  Hope you are having a great day.  Be blessed, Penny

princesssaurora said...

Here is mine:

Be well,

unicornsteph80 said...

I did it! lol  Here's the link.

libragem007 said...

Natalie....I'm like you on #1...funny when I get up from my dreams I asked too many questions about it..sometimes I researched  online pertaining to my dreams..but I still don't get it~
...interesting you!
Gem :-)

sugar1337 said...