Monday, January 2, 2006

Scripts People Live by Steiner

Scripts People Live  by Steiner; A Review

This book could be handy as a tool. It helped me realize that many things that we do in a family setting come from conditioning from early childhood.We were often assigned a role; either a caretaker, a clown or an angel for example for the whole family.

What is interesting is : once you come to analyze what role you played in the family you can choose to change it.For example, if you were the guardian of the entire family, that is too much presure for one child to manage. As an adult you can take a look at that and decide to pick a role that is closer to a lifestyle that you can live with!:)


libragem007 said...

huh..interesting! I might pick up that book....and right now I am thinking what  role were expected of me as a child?
Gem :-)

sunnyside46 said...

this sounds interesting...hmm, as a kid my role was The Bad Daughter.