Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What do you think about Ghandi?

What do you think about Ghandi?

Ghandi was chiefly responsible for ending England's control of India as a colony of the Commonwealth.

He had attended law school and at a certain point he was so aware of the lack of personal freedom , respect and autonomy granted to people of color in India that he decided that they should take their own country back from the British. He knew that many people would be killed if this was done in a violent fashion.

He was a very down to earth practical man and he insisted that when he and his contemporaries participated in a sit in none of them would respond when the British would beat them and injure them.

This was their donation to the cause. They persisted and they kept walking those days; despite the fact that some were beaten within inches of their lives.

He was a great friend to the wonderful man Nehru

shown in the last picture. He tried to improve relations beween people of the various Hindi religions there.Some one killed him for his efforts.

Ghandi did a lot of work to improve the lives of the untouchables, the people at the bottom of the social ladder there.At one time, he lay dying in bed; refusing to eat until hey got better rights from the English.


sugar1337 said...

He lived what he preached...very admirable.

psychfun said...

I do recall my friend talking about the "war" and what they did.

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bgilmore725 said...

I think Ghandi and Jesus and Buddha would have been great friends had they lived all at the same time. You wonder sometimes how changes on this earth would occur if all the great people had lived in one century... what power and influence they would have had. Still, it seems that in every century we have great leaders who attempt to change world thinking, to care for the forgotten and the neglected. And every century our human race becomes wiser. I think we are the wisest we have ever been. Good entries, Nat. Bea