Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to exchange vows New Years 2006

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are Exchanging vows this New Years' Eve

Life& Style

January 9, 2006

People are calling this couple the "whirl-wind romance of the year!". Nicole took him to meet her parents.

The couple met dancing at a black tie event a year ago!They enjoyed each other's company ever since this dance.

The happy couple will get married in January in Australia in order to beat Tom Cruise and his future wife Katie Holmes of Batman Begins fame who will get married this summer or next fall in the US.

Nicole's parents and Nicole went to Tennessee to meet his folks over Thanksgiving.


sugar1337 said...

Seems like you are into celebrity gossip  :)

gaboatman said...

I'm glad these two decided to have the families meet before wedlock.  It sounds as though they are serious about each other and are trying to do it right.

brunette4ku said...

This was in a magazine which means its not necessarily true.