Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why was Moses so Important?

Why was Moses so Important

Moses grew up thinking that he was Egyptian and the son of the Pharoh, the King of Egypt. He was trying to help some of the slaves get good treatment from the king when he found out that he was descendent from a Hebrew family instead of the Pharoh!He was determined to go with the Hebrews then and help them improve their lot in life.The Pharoh decided to let him work as a slave, since he felt like one. Finally, he asked his adoptive father, the Pharoh, to let his people go.. the Hebrews... and the Pharoh drove him into the desert.

He met his future family in the desert and he defended his new people against a malicious group of monads. He was offered his wife by her father and he settled down. God called Moses to go to the mountain to hear his commandments. Moses went up the mountain and he returned days later with a tablet made of stone.

Moses told his people that God had written these commandments on the stone.

Later in his life, Moses led the people to follow those commandments. Then he set the Hebrew people in Egypt free. How has Moses affected your life?


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The story of Moses going up the mountain because God called him there, and the fact that Moses listened to what God told him to do is just one role model the Bible has for us to follow. The greatest role model of all being Jesus. Moses left a life of comfort and ease... he did not have to leave it all behind, but he did if he believed that God was speaking to him, and he did believe that. What faith the man had. And always being challenged by his people as they wandered the desert, their complaints, their doubts, their forgetfulness, and their lack of vision... Moses was a great leader. His life reminds me that God doesn't make the path easier when we decide to follow Him. Same connection with the story of Jesus' life and death and resurrection. The path isn't easy, nor comfortable, nor desirable by most. Moses teaches me to keep the faith. NO matter what others say that goes against my beliefs. Bea