Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Martin Luther King Day Monday


Martin Luther King Day

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and all over the world this wonderful man will be remembered.

I always admired Ghandi as a child and Mr. King was a follower of the genius. I remember that he did unbelievable things; he would spend time encouraging people to join him and work with him for the benefit of all people. He strongly believed, like Ghandi, that over time, the person who was patient and who was willing to persist despite resistance would win any battle.

He was made fun of; he kept walking,people got in front of him and he kept walking. He was even beaten along with his helpers and he kept walking.He inspired me so much.

Still today, after all these years, he inspires so many people with his "I have a dream" speech that millions cry when they listen. Over time he has encouraged so many people to believe in the innate value of human life and in the potency of their own dreams.He proved that love can conquer racism and ignorance.

He is very important in my life.

How do you remember him?



sugar1337 said...

I didn't learn a lot about him growing up...but I have seen a few good movies based off his life and I agree that he was a good man.

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princesssaurora said...

An amazing man, who deserves the holiday.  He preached tolerance...and love, much like Jesus.

Be well,

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shermeen0621 said...

I'm so glad that so many people took the time to write entries about MLK. We don't have a day put aside to celebreate his life and work like you guys do, but it can be seen all over the world. and we can see what we need to do to carry on his message, to make his dream come true.

shermeen xx