Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just as Mother Said I Said

Just as Mother Said I Said

My mother liked to remind us of famous expressions which are timeless and true because she felt that they held a value that rang true.

I remember when my oldest son was told to conform to characteristics of his friend. His friend had said "You gotta' be more like me to fit in." My eldest was not like him in any way. I said:"Nobody can be everybody but everybody's got to be somebody."

"You be yourself. That's the best you can do for anyone." I remembered these expressions like a de'ja vu! Then it dawned on me; mother had told us this long ago when we were children. The truism came from Harry Truman Or FDR; either way it was true all right!

Can you remember something that your mother or father told you as a child which you now tell your kids?Please write it here or leave a link to your journal.



sazzylilsmartazz said...

I think I should wait until I have kids first. LOL I'm not even married yet.

brandilynneliz said...


debbted said...

Good answer Nat! Sassy ;-)

sugar1337 said...

My dad used to always say if you think you are right, you are for no one is going to change your mind....meaning if you are stuck on a belief, good luck for anyone who is trying to change it.

monponsett said...

Life's too short to ride another man's jock.

sunnyside46 said...

My mom used to say "There's no sense in you being a fool just because someon else is" She was always kinda judgemental,so I soft pedal it a bit and tell my kids,"you arent responsible for what someone does to you, you are responsible for wha tyou do to them."