Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Who is Ghandi?

Who is Ghandi?


sugar1337 said...

A peacemaker

psychfun said...

One of my dear friends who is in his 70s I believe is from India and has a lovely Ghandi story. His father was a principal (I think) of one of Ghandi's schools. One day Ghandi was traveling through his area. It was just word of mouth of where he was & heading next etc. My friend's father went to meet him & Ghandi asked "Where is your wife?" He told him that she was pregnant & could not travel right now. Ghandi then went to their home to speak to her & bless her unborn child. The next day my friend was born. My friend said later in life when he was still a young boy he recalls the feeling of the people when Ghandi was there, which was incredible, but he does not remember anything other than that. Very interesting story I think.