Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Native American Circular View Of Life

The Native American Circular View of Life

Native Americans have a deep abiding love for all life.

They see life as part of a continuum; as one big circle.They think that life will show us the way in most cases so that questions are unimportant.

They love to care for the group at large.Interestingly, if you compliment and single out one Native American for a particular honor, like National Merit Scholar, etc., he will feel badly and try to get out of it.He thinks that his goal in life is to help his parents, his grandparents and the tribe. What do you think of this?


libragem007 said...

with this entry, I now found the Native American's circular view of life....interesting!
Journally Yours,
Gem ~

sugar1337 said...

I just think it is sad that they didn't kill off all the white people coming to take over their land...and it is sad that people have taken advantage of such a wonderful people because they will never be the same again.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I have respect for his/her beliefs as far as family life is concerned. I only wish more people felt as strongly about the family.
I've read books about the way NA were treated and just cried.  

kingadamus said...

my dads an angry apache. he taught me alot of things about life and the earth but i always had to take it upon myself to filter out his anger. he hates the fact that he has white blood in him and he almost passed that on to me. but since i was old enough to understand and learn he taught me to love the earth and her creatures like they were brothers and sisters. i have only him to thank for that. but native are almost completely wiped out and the ones who are left are almost all angry or alcoholics and there is very little of their old pride and virtue left. me dads an alcoholic. he has a lot of anger too. he had a friend named charlie. we called charlie the laughing choctaw because of the way he would laugh. likemost natives that are left he had an alcohol problem too but he was a friend and a good dude. he had the choctaw tribe characteristics too. the face.