Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Relections on Christopher Reeves' book "Still Me"

Reflections on Christopher Reeve's book "Still Me"

I want to get your thoughts about Christopher Reeves'

opening statements in his autobiography. He says that he wanted to create a film about a quadriplegic  in a  hospital during the day; how he was depressed and his family had difficulty understanding him but how at night he would sail off into the distance and he would really enjoy sailing as before, unencumbered and free, in  a wonderful old wooden sail boat. The story went on to say that as these nights went on and he dreams blazed a beautiful trail in the night for his character, his mood improved during the day and he was happier with his family, who noted a marked improvement in teh man! What do you think of this?

And what are you thoughts about Christopher Reeves and the work he started?


sugar1337 said...

I think he did a good job of bringing up how difficult life is with impairments, but he did it with a great deal of grace and that is honorable.

sazzylilsmartazz said...


lisbnjvi said...

Christopher Reeves holds a very special place in my heart.  He was a wonderful and talented actor who was not given enough credit if you ask me after doing the "Superman" movies.  He was stuck into that role forever after that.  After his accident he did more than most people do in their lives with ALL of their limbs still functioning!  And, the strides he made to get stem cell research recognized and what his wife is doing now are honorable.  He is definately missed by me and many others.
Hugs and love,

psychfun said...

I am in the middle of this book & love it! I totally agree with him & what he wanted to do & what the foundation continues. Continue to pray for Dana as I have not heard anything & that worries me a bit! There is no question he is the one & only Superman! You can get Superman dog tags etc on his webstie.

If you click on the right "Magical Night" you will see a picture of Dana from the Fall & she looks great! I wonder if she had Chemo because it looks like she still has her own hair!

Star Jones is looking not so great though!

debbted said...

Reeves was one of the greatest most inspirational men that ever lived! His stem cell research ideas are phenominal--talk about making an important contribution! If you like him you'll like Joni Eareckson Tada. I did an entry abt her in SassysSecondWord. BTW, Dana Reeves is an extraordinary woman as well!

bgilmore725 said...

You have to admire him for adjusting to his new life. Unfortunately, the majority of people with spinal injuries and diseases involving paralysis do not have access to the money to get the treatment Mr. Reeves was able to obtain. Most do not have the home care team he had, nor the dedication of a wife and nurse. No doubt he has brought attention and importance to the research in this area, and much research is needed to help the hundreds of thousands of people who live with paralysis every day. He didn't have to use his life as a model, but he did. His words and his actions have inspired many today who live with paralysis, as well as those who are doing the research to find ways to stimulate cell growth and spinal mending. The accident changed his life, then he took action to help improve the lives of others. A great man indeed. Bea

sunnyside46 said...

I greatly admire him and want to read that book