Friday, January 20, 2006

A Fraud: The Stem Cell Research Scandal

A Fraud: the Stem Cell Research Scandal

The Week

January 13,2006

I wrote about my own skeptism about South Korean Stem-cell pioneer's findings that he could clone human embryos form different patients he had created eleven lines of specially made stem cells taht could be planted back into people without harm.

Other scientists tried to duplicate his work, but without success. It was because he had faked his research!

( You will remember that his work was written up in Time magazine). What do you think about this fradulent work? Does it make you mad?Do you think that the field of stem research has been damaged?

I answer yes to both..what about you?





sazzylilsmartazz said...


sugar1337 said...

I think it will take awhile for the field to get going again, but in the end I think it will move forward.

bgilmore725 said...

I imagine the young man's career is ruined, which is a shame because he seemed to be making great strides in the area of stem cell research. The results of SCR show great implications for people with diabetes or Parkinsons disease. However, I don't think stem cell research will be that damaged... so many researchers are working on it, and I imagine they all want to be the first to say and prove, with all supporting evidence, that they have successfully cloned human tissue. Those against it will continue to protest it, and those who support stem cell research will become even more supportive. Good entry, Nat.  : - )  Bea

yeolecontractor said...

I'm prone to think as others who feel there is enough research going on with stem cells that this creative lie will not harm the field. As far as angering me, no. I have long since accepted the fact that we have and will continue to have people who will step across the line in such cases. It disappoints me but not anger.

Nat, these are all interesting articles which causes one to think. Appreciate the efforts you've put in to bring these to us.



sunnyside46 said...

people are always going to risk disgrace to get noteriety.

shermeen0621 said...

i read all about that. well, they faked the landing on the moon didn't they, he figured he could get away with it. it must have been nice for a while, the opulent life he lived. he had his moment in the sun.