Saturday, December 31, 2005

Your Mail in 2006: DOn't Forget to Add Two Cent Stamps

Your Mail in 2006: Don't Forget to Add One Two Cents Stamps

Please remember to add a two cents stamps to your mail. Otherwise the mailman will return your mail.

Happy Holidays!



psychfun said...

I thought that didn't go into effect right away...I thought it was like the 8th? Yep just looked! Look here:

Keep those few pennies for a few more days! You'll need them for gas! HA!

queeniemart said...

The stamps went up TODAY?!! I have mail to send out on Monday.
love, lisa jo

sazzylilsmartazz said...


sugar1337 said...

Thanks for the heads up  :)

libragem007 said...

what? it was 37c..are you saying it went up to 39 cents?
ahh geez~