Tuesday, December 13, 2005

He Made Me Glow

He Made Me Glow

 I was watching a film last night and something about the kindness I saw in the leading character reminded me of him; he made me glow...I remember first seeing him out by the fire where the entertainers were playing music and we were all dancing... the fire lit a glow across the students. My girlfriend introduced me to him.. it turned out she had known him in the school play he had been in. It was a Greek play about loyalty and self sacrifice.He smiled at me and took my hand to ask me to dance.The breeze surrounded us and made us giddy as we danced...

It turned out we were to be great friends, and more..


sunnyside46 said...

well, I want to hear more of that

libragem007 said...

yap..there's always something..that reminds us of someone. When this happens to me..sometimes I look way way back and it put smile on my face :)
Gem :-)