Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New York in Peril: Bloomberg to Seek Restraining Order

New York In Peril: Bloomberg to Seek A Restraining Order

CNN,December 21

The mayor of New York, Mr. Bloomberg, is requesting a restraining order for the city's subway and bus system. This si the second day of the strike which has cost the city a loss of upwards of 343million dollars.

New Yorkers must walk over the bridge to work or put otgether a group of people to carpool to work.

(see Scalzi's article yesterday).

Bloomberg talks about the need for transportation;people do have to go to work to pay their bills and some people are now at risk because they cannot acces their health care provider.


queeniemart said...

Somewhere in NYC there is are few heads rolling for the failure that turned this into a reality. I pray they fix it for ALL today.
love,lisa jo

sunnyside46 said...

they should meet the Union's demands, have some respect for the people that provide these needs