Sunday, December 18, 2005

Favorite Christmas

I'm not sure what my most favorite Christmas would be. Christmas is a joyful time, full of family sharing and being together.

One Christmas, my mother decided that she would invite some people to join us; a recent widow, a grandfather from another town, and two couples who's kids were not inviting them!

My mother always made everyone feel as if God had reserved a special place for them at the table! The furniture was newly polished, the tablecloth was on, and the Christmas tree was lovely.She played wonderful Christmas music and she wore a fun long dress; very Christmas like!

After a leisurely meal the kids were trying out their presents.I remember being twice grateful; once for the spirit of the event and the blessings of family and two for my wonderful mother and my family.



queeniemart said...

Natalie, i am so glad you have such wonderful memories of Christmas. I remember the wonder you feel of all the beautiful music, trees, foodand times with family and how much a person looked forward to it. I hope someday i get that feeling back.
Love, lisa jo

lisbnjvi said...

That is so wonderful you were able to grow up with a mother as caring and loving both about her own family and about others that needed some love also.  :)
Hugs and love,

libragem007 said...

Wonderful Christmas memory Natalie..I have yet to remember one...I'm sure I have one somewhere..
Gem :-)

sugar1337 said...

Sounds like a good memory.

sassydee50 said...

"My mother always made everyone feel as if God had reserved a special place for them at the table"~I love that line; it tells a lot about your Mom's lvoing kindness! I am going to read some more entries! Merry Christmas, Natatie & good to meet you! Blessings, Sassy ;-)