Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who were the Wise Men?

Who Were the Wise Men?

Who were the wise men? Why did they seek The Christ Child?

How did they find him?

Do we celebrate a holiday after them and if so when is it?



lisbnjvi said...

All these religious questions!  And, I can't answer any of them.  LOL!  I grew up Catholic but have no clue who exactly the Three Wise Men really were.  Sorry.
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sugar1337 said...

Wise men came when he was about three that I do remember from Catholicism school but they make the story seem like he was a baby because that is just the way the story evolved over the years.  They were men who had been fortold of his birth and wanted to bring him "riches" aka presents to honor him.  It depends on which story you get as to how they found him...traditional Christian would say as a baby, but the real version according to research shows he was about three because it would have taken them that long to get there and also according to the star placement in the sky.  And they think that they found him either in the spring or the fall depending on which account your prefer.  And I believe the Christian calendar has a day set out for them alone too but I forget what day it falls on.  

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lurkynat said...

there is a day for the Wise Men that I wish was more celebrated here.
They were astronomers and they were also gerat believers in peace and compassion.