Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Red Sox Blues

The Red Sox Blues

Would someone please explain to me why the Red Socks would trade Manny Ramirez and Mat Clement for Miguel Tijada?????

Manny Ramires is the best hitter of the American league and Matt Clement has a huge effect on the Red Socks pitching staff. He made the Red Socks what they are today.

Migule Tijada is too old and he could have a not too hot season this year. He will probably struggle and how could he ever get as good as Manny is?

Pleas explain! I have teens here who love baseball and they are not Monponsett!Or nightmaremom!help!




psychfun said...

This is just an odd theory, but sometimes I think teams do that because then they have an excuse if they don't do well the next season. See, now they can say "Well without those players that made the difference". You can't argue against that but to say "Well you are the ones who traded them". Other than that it is all politics & $$$! And I'll scratch your back & then make sure you scratch mine later! They would have to be a Jordan not to trade. I can just imagine what Chicago would do if Jordan was ever traded after the first win. They probably have some kind of plan years down the road even. Probably some under the table & personal stuff too that we don't know about & heck the players may not even know. Some of these players should just do "tell-all" books when they retire!

monponsett said...

Part of the bargain we made with Satan to win that World Series involved having a guy around who rhymes with Posada. It's a long story, but when Satan calls in his marker, you always find a way to pay.

Seriously, I suppose there are several reasons. I don't know how old you are, but have you ever heard the term ''butcher'' used to describe someone's fielding? Real butchers get offended when someone uses that term to decribe Manny's fielding.

Manny also makes $20 million dollars a year. Few people are paid that much, in any business. You have to sell a lot of tickets to pay his salary. If you can get someone who is almost as good for half the price, it's very tempting to go for it. You could get two really good Ortiz-level players for the money it takes to keep Manny in Boston.

Manny is also what they call a ''free spirit,'' in that he's sort of goofy in a serious business. While I think that's a good thing, the guy writing the check for $20 million may not appreciate Manny's style.

Miguel Tejada is a good player, but Manny is one of a kind. I'm not fond of that trade idea, but if Manny wants out, Tejada (and the guy/guys they sign with the leftover money)is a pretty good return.

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