Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Bodhishivatti Doll

The Bodhishivatti Doll

The girl Kali was about ten or eleven when I knew her.

She lived in a small village in India. She had fashioned a doll for herself out of extra cloths that her mother had left over in the kitchen. She called this her Bodhishivatti doll.

The family had not a huge amountof money to live on;

yet they were agood solid family. They had a shrine or alter to Buddha in the back of the house with a stool to kneel on. She wanted to be good and compassionant like Buddha. The story went that if she could attain a high level of doing good for others in this lifetime she might become a Bohishivatti one. This being lives for the good of others. She lives on such a high plain that it is hard for people to understand. Kali aspired to become this and her doll was there to remind ehr and to encourage her good way of thingking and doing for others. Kali smiled at the doll. They sat down tot eht able together. All is well.


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Interesting tale...

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I am interested in Buddha . Can you share some knowledge with me or send me a link?