Monday, December 5, 2005

Pat Morita of Karate Kids has died

Pat Morita of "Karate Kids" has died

People Magazine, December 12, 2005

Pat Morita, a man of rare ocurage in his personal life, and termedous talent in his professional life, was born in 1932. At two years old, he was diagnosed with spinal tuberculosis  when his legs went paralyzed. For a few years, he wore a cast from his shouilders to his knees. In 1942, he underwent experimental surgery and this helped him to learn to walk again in the sanatorium where he got better. Unfortuantely, after this ordeal he and his family were sent to an internment camp (prison camp) for Japanese families during World War II in Arizona. 

Later in life he became a funny stand up comedian and then he worked in the series "Happy Days" and later in the movie "Karate Kid".He was wonderful in that movie and he managed to inspire many young people to stand up for themselves and to try to acheive  high goals.

His second wife said that he spent his adult life trying to make other people happy.


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