Monday, September 4, 2006

The World Mourns the Death of Steve Irwin, the Crockodile Man

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The World Mourns the Death of Steve Irwin, The Crockodile Man


Monday September 4

The world renouwn naturalist, Steve Irwin, passed away suddenly after he was attacked by a sting ray at the age of 44. He was on top of the sting ray and apparently he apeared suddenly; so the sting rang stuck a barb into his heart.Sting rays normally don't attack humans; unless they perceive us as a threat.

Steve irwin is survived by a wife adn two young children. He and his wife were known as the best wildlife crusaders in the world according to Australian  journalists. The Prime Minister went on the television; saying what a wonderful man Steve Irwin was for Australia. Australians are mourning their huge loss and they are in shock.The Australians are leaving flowers at the zoo in Ausralia in Queensland where the Irwins have contributed so much of their time.

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libragem007 said...

Thanks for posting this. My son mentioned it to me after I came home from work today  and I thought he was just joking and he said: "no mom I'm not joking..." I was shocked to hear this and at the same time was not too, because I've already thought long time ago that he's pushing himself with wildlife.
It is sad. Totally unexpected.

sugar1337 said...

I have heard/know many people that were stung by sting-rays but it never resulted in death, I find it hard to believe it could get his heart, but it very sad that it did.  I have gone swimming a few times with sting rays and find them to be friendly gentle creatures overall.  The animal rights people all over the world will greatly miss him.

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shermeen0621 said...

I know, isn't it tragic!? he'll be deeply missed. he made such a difference.

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wfhbear said...

Steve sure showed us things we could only dream about. I will miss him. Regards, Bill.

lifesabench6 said...

Crikey!  He was a real cool guy.  I loved watching him on his TV specials.  It's sad that he died at such a young age, but he's lucky in a way to go doing something he loved to do.  My prayers are with his wife and two young ones.  May they be comforted and remember how much he brought to the world through his humor and passion for nature.  Carolyn