Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Explode My Heart

Google did the pictures

Explode My Heart

Explode my heart

Pop Out

The happy memories

 of days

Filled with playful

Romping stomping



My Heartstrings Stretched

So Wide

I thought

I'd pass;

this life

is going

much too fast! 

I thought:

No memory is

As Perfect

As you


Even when

you sleep


you inspire



sugarsweet056 said...

Very nice. {{}}
Blessings, Sugar

bgilmore725 said...

Is this about your own parent, or about your experience as a parent? This life is going much too fast!!!! So true.

"Even when you sleep angels you inspire." It must be about your children. Kids are angels when they are asleep. How many pictures I took of my sleeping child! Sometimes I felt like a big sister instead of a mother because I played with him so much (until he was about seven). After that, I started encouraging him to have friends over because I couldn't keep up with his play time. Best move I ever made!! I loved having his friends over and listening to their talk as they played. But always, his face would be the first I would see in the morning, and always, always, his face made me smile and laugh. How I loved that little baby face. What a crush I had on my only born! He's 28 years old now, and now there is a woman in his life who loves his face as much as I do.

Enjoyed this one too, Nat. Bea

mtrib2 said...

A poem that brings about serenity and peace.    I am getting around to several journals when I am not laying down reading.    I have been on my feet during the day but am limping and can't do much.    My physical therapist warned me that I could do permanent nerve damage if I exert myself.    I am waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon's office if Medicaid in the State of Illinois will allow me to see the doctor.    Doctor's have not been paid in over a year so that will make it even more difficult.     Thanks for sending people to my journal.      mark