Thursday, September 7, 2006

9/11: Blog Your Thoughts About 9/11- Scalzi's assignment

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9/11 : Blog Your Thoughts About 9/11-Scalzi's assignment

It was a maddening event; I recall watching the news as it came about. Newscasters did not know what they were seeing ; in fact, they struggled with the images themselves; running playbacks of the event as the world watched.

I remember that deep sadness in my gut and heart just knowing that all of the people in the building and all of the people in the airplanes were entering an inferno; but not one of their own creation. In fact, one of the most horrible facts of the events that unfolded was that these people were innocent of any wrong done and yet they were suffering untold amounts of injuries and deaths for an unseen hostile enemy.The heroes who tried to save these people are still my heroes and they always will be. They sacrificed their lives trying to save so many people. The people on the ground who helped people are also my heroes and we have a Jlander among them...WFHBear.

This was in no way the end of the horror; we had the other  acts unfolding after this one.

Many innocent children saw a part of the replay; because parents never dreamed that the six o'clock news would show these horrible films when most families sat down to dinner. In this case the news were the source of trauma to them.

I could go on and on ... but now I would like to ask you to tell us your experiences here, or leave me alink to your entry. John Scalzi also has an entry where you can place your link as well .TY


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Thank you for talking about me. I will have a memorial post on 09/11. Regards, Bill.

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I do remember them showing it over and over again until it dawned on somebody that "gee, maybe this isn't such a good idea".  But now it seems like we could stand to be reminded once in a while..... -Kelly

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Sorry Natalie- I don't mean to post right here with this, but I know you'll see it- Boy, I can't believe how much you read!  Thanks for messages.  I will try and get back, and go through your past entries soon- so look for me OK?  (hugs)  Carolyn

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Good entry, Nat. I know you've already mine, but here is my link:

That was a horrible and surreal day in the classroom. It brought back the day Challenger exploded as it launched, even as the students were watching it happen on the television. But this time, teachers were told (by whispered messages at the door) to not turn on their tv's. The school day went on like any other. I think everyone was praying that day.


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You might want to read Penny's response... very interesting Jland.

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I don't usually do these assignments. But I did this one. My memories of that day.

sugarsweet056 said...

I don't usually do these assignments. But i did this one. My Part 2 Tribute had my memories of that day & the days that followed.

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I was teaching that day, and we were doing computer stuff when the kids started getting IMs, opening up I got the boss, and we closed school down in about 2 hours.

Each teacher took about 5 kids home. Getting out of Boston was a nightmare of traffic and fear. While they were at low speed, I saw several accidents caused by people looking to the skies for crashing planes.

While I'm not Bush's biggest fan, I do like the 1000:1 return we hit them off with as far as killing goes. Kill 2996 Americans, we'll kill 299600 Iraqis and Afghans. The lesson will sink in on them eventually.