Thursday, September 21, 2006

Do you like or dislike baseball?(Scalzi's assignment)

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Do you Like Baseball?

(Athena Scalzi gave us this weekend assignwmnt Jland!Hi Athena!:)

I love baseball!As a kid,I loved going out to the ballpark! the fresh air, grass and open spaces were so great! And then there was the fun of getting assigned a position and waiting for the other team to go to bat! It was awesome!:):)

It was fun to run around in the field and our team had such a great team feeling!

Ah! I love to go as an adult now with our kid! Nothing has changed and it is so wonderful!

It is great to watch too!

Now it is your turn! Please tell us what you think about baseball! Did you like it as a kid and do you like it now? you can also post a link here or at John Scalzi's blog "By the Way".TY


sugar1337 said...

I can't stand baseball myself....I have only been to a few games and almost fell asleep in them.

springangel235 said...

Funny, it is the ONLY sport I understand...and can follow...I wing is it!
Hugs and love,

wfhbear said...

I dislike baseball because of what it has become. The players are not roll models anymore. They are over paid show offs with no regard for anything but money and complete dis respect for the fans (kids). There should be a law in this country that says any kid under 18 gets in to a ball game for free. Children should be able to see a game without it costing the Parents an arm and a leg. The Players should be held responsible for being roll models for kids. If they do some of the terrible things that have been done over recent years they should be removed from the game and not allowed back. Regards, Bill.

lifesabench6 said...


lifesabench6 said...

PS- although I do love the game- I agree with Bill here too.  Back when I was able to watch it more, with guys like Cal Ripkin, Joe Carter and Nolan Ryan- those type of guys played for the love of the game- the money was just an added bonus to them.  Now, it's all about who can hit the most home runs, no matter what, and how much of a signing bonus and yearly salary they can make.  Carolyn

bgilmore725 said...

I never watched baseball until my son started to play in the little league. I followed the teams he followed (Atlanta Braves was his favorite), and learned about his favorite players from the trading cards he collected. I watched all his games, and even attended practices. He played until well out of high school. I don't watch it on tv anymore, but occasionally get a glimpse when my husband has a game tuned in. I went to one Atlanta Braves game with my father and brothers back in the early nineties, and that was fun. I have attended several local minor league games in our area (Burlington Indians, Durham Bulls), and always enjoyed the atmosphere at these fields. Watching a great pitch, a well placed hit, or waiting in anticipation for a runner to steal himself home is always exciting... yeah, baseball games can be very exciting. Sometimes the kids' (especially the teens') games are more exciting to watch because you know they are experiencing the risks, stretching their limits, and reaching for the stars when they play... their hearts are really into the game. bea

sdoscher458 said...

Baseball made a lot of my memories as a kid and still does...Sandi

bhbner2him said...

Baseball I can take or leave.....but you!!!  YOu made the front page of j-land!  Yeah, Nat!  -  Barbara