Thursday, September 14, 2006

What Things Make you Go Nuts?(Don't Make Sense!)

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What Things Make You Go Nuts?(Don't Make Sense!)

(John Scalzi's assignment)

List things that you think defy logic; things that don't make sense.

One thing I think is totally goofy is a burial by rocket out into space!:):) I think it is certifiable to pay someone to send your remains out inot outer space!

People pay thousands of dollars up front for this!

I think peanut butter and anchovy sandwiches should not be allowed! The combination is enough to really ruin any thoughts of future eating!

Okay it's your turn! Please leave a link or write down a couple of things that you think don't make sense!




readmereadyou said...

At my age, the entire world makes me nuts. Not popular to say but I miss the old days. No, they weren't perfect days. We had Vietnam and other things going on. But people just seemed to care about one another more. There was less greed and more church-going people who didn't have to throw their religion in your face and you didn't feel the need to throw yours back. People actually didn't think you were from satan if you were from a different political party than they were. Children didn't mouth-off at their parents. Maybe they whined a bit or cried when they couldn't get their way but they knew who was boss. Families actually ate together instead of in front of TV sets or in other rooms. The elderly were respected. Politeness was considered normal behavior. Men gave  women their seats on trains and buses and opened doors for them. Women, in turn, didn't take every sweet comment as sexual harrassment.  Kids had chores and they didn't get paid for them or expect to. Women were cherished more. And, that's a fact. Women's lib did some good, especially for those women who started yelling about how we were all so mistreated. They all married well. But nowadays we women get to go to work and take care of families too and we still don't make what men do. Aren't we lucky! <sarcasm>
I could go on but most people would just think.....That old woman doesn't know what she's talking about. All I know is, women didn't think so little of themselves that they thought in order to keep a man that had to sleep with him by the third date........I'd better shut up or my response will be longer than your entry. LOL!

ondinemonet said...

Peanut butter and anchovies...not! Personally, I don't think they belong on pizza either. YUCK. Really, aren't they bate?

Tee Hee.

jlocorriere05 said...

Television drives me nuts, I haven't got one and I can't bear to sit and look at one either. So boring! Bad manners drives me mad, I hate it when people can't even say thank you when you hold a door open for them. Parents who can't control kids in the supermarket drive me nuts, why do they let them scream so loud, my mother would have killed me if I'd done that! Waiting for repair men who don't turn up, people who say they'll call and don't, people who talk VERY loudly on their cell phones or walk along the road texting, expecting everyone to move out their way as they're oblivious to people coming in the opposite direction! The need to have music playing in shop, restaurants, everywhere you go, what happened to peace and quiet?! Drivers exceeding the speed limit in towns, I've seen them doing over sixty miles an hour in the town centre where I live! All these things and more drive me nuts! I could go on and on........!! Jeannette xx  

springangel235 said...

This is tough, got to think about it...will come back...the normal things make me go nuts, bad drivers...and such...but you want strange things...oh well, will come back with something before the day is over!!! Hugs, Joyce

lifesabench6 said...

The thing right now that doesn't make sense to me, is that a US Naval  Episcopal Chaplain can be fined 3000$ for praying in Jesus' name.  Can't figure that one out.  On a lighter side, peanut butter and bait doesn't sound too appetizing - but then again, my Dad always liked peanut butter and lettuce.  I tried it- eventhough it sounded pretty gross.  It's actually real good if the lettuce is fresh!  My friend's Dad always swore by peanut butter and cheese- eeeewwww- too sticky and dry!  I will take pb and honey any day!  Have a good weekend Nat!   ( )'s Carolyn

monponsett said...

I wouldn't eat that, either. Anchovies are like eatin' lil' eyelids.

I'd do the burial in space thing, though... let 'em think I'm crazy... I mean, I'm dead.

"If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner, and wink your eye at some homely girl."

- H.L. Mencken

plittle said...

  I think that fulfilling anyone's post death wishes is just plain silly. Buddy writes in his will that he wants his remains to be scattered across the Himilayas. It's gonna cost thousands of dollars to do it, which will substantially reduce the inheritance his children will receive. I say to hell with it. It's not like he's gonna care.

sugar1337 said...

I posted this one too  :)