Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Children; What can and should Parents Do today to Inform and Protect Them?

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Our Children: What Can and Should Parents do Today to Inform and Protect Them

(Introduction: This is a thread that has grown in Jland from discussions around children and teens, the old and new solutions for them as far as having friendships.What get togethers are okay to you ?(re:group movies or parties,etc.)

Teens also reacha point in theri life where they want to have a relationship

 with someone of  their own sex and the opposite sex; but keeping their own dignity, health, and life.How should that be accomplished? Where do the parents fit in?


August, 2006

 The discussion has included what people think about the new Plan B pill as well, and adults here have concluded that teens and young adults do not know about it much.(The PlanB pill can be used within 78 hours of getting pregnant. It causes the wall fo teh uterus to dislodge the egg so that the woman is not longer pregnant.)

I also think that, although it is FDA approved, the after effects of this pill are yet unknown. CBS, August, 2006.

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sugar1337 said...

The best way to protect kids is to give them all the information/education that you can.  Informed teenagers make better choices.  That includes teaching them true sex ed not just abstinence.  Stats show that almost all people lose their virginity by 19.  It includes things like gun safety and the proper use of them.  It includes teaching kids the good and bad with drugs for kids know that drugs aren't all "bad" aka side effects are often pleasant so they want the real truth.  Of course all of this needs to be age appropriate but it needs to be started much earlier than most parents would think.  I think today so many parents are naive about what goes on and want to continue to be that way for whatever reason that I can't seem to get.  As far as the parties and stuff....all the parents that I knew that allowed parties at their house where all the kids stayed over, slept better at night knowing that their kids weren't out on the streets and driving around doing who knows what.  I think there needs to be a balance of what the parents want and want the kids want to maintain an overall happy household and that comes with good communication, trust, and love.  Sorry that was a long post, but those are my thoughts.

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lifesabench6 said...

Hi Natalie.  I remember that you asked me if I have any suggestions on education/ sex ed type things.  I don't know much about you- do you have any kids?  If you do, or know someone who does, and the kids are in public school- the only thing I can think of for parents to educate themselves to know what's being taught to their kids, and to be INVOLVED in the local and state school board systems.  If you get involved at the city/county level and involve other parents who have the same concerns, get out there- vote for like minded school board members, or run yourself.  Organize a parent teacher group- much like the pta, and talk to the schools about this stuff.  They're your kids- you have every right to have them taught things that you believe to be the right thing.  What sense is it to teach your children at home about your values and morals, only to have the public schools teach the opposite?  Do you know what I mean? Also, it's so important for parents to teach their kids about respect- not only for others, but also for themselves.  If kids are able to love and respect themselves, they won't feel they need to give in to peer pressure so much. I know I home school mine- this is one of the reasons for doing it.  I have other reasons as well, and yes I know it's not for everyone- although I do know quite a few single parents who are homeschooling their kids, along with elderly people who have adopted younger kids and are homeschooling them.  For us, it is a tremendous financial struggle, but I really believe that for us at least, it's worth not having extra stuff.  If he was in public school though- you can bet that I'd be on top of everything that's being taught and at what age!  Check out this story that I just read on fears against abstinance.  I'm sure you don't agree with everything, but it's interesting to say the least.   Th

lv2trnscrb said...

I haven't been following this a lot, but I do know that my niece, now almost 26 years old and the mom of 2 kids) did not want to take any type of contraceptive pill when she got married because she heard that you could be potentially be pregnant and the pill would cause a type of miscarriage/abortion. She didn't want to take the risk because of her faith in the Lord. I admired her for that; even though 2 months after they got married, she did get pregnant, but the Lord truly has blessed her and her family :)


monponsett said...

My husband and I have already figured out the basics of who we'll let Gabrielle and Melissa date, what time they'll have to be home by, what is and isn't an acceptable date for a young lady, thoughts on travelling, what they'll be allowed to wear, etc....

Gabrielle is 4, and Melissa just turned 2.