Monday, September 4, 2006

Editor Jeff Features Bea Gilmore as Guest Editor

Google did the pictures

Editor Jeff made Bea Gilmore of Wanderer blog Guest Editor

Editor Jeff at:

made Bea Gilmore Guest Editor !

Jeff has asked us to submit entries about our favorite Labor Day!

Jeff has some interesting entries in his own journal about life I find interesting.. and Thank you Jeff for nominating Bea!

Bea can be found at:




libragem007 said...

Interesting! have I've been out that long that I had no idea Joe is not the editor anymore who does this? hmnn..I need to do some reading of Jland real bad lol!

Hi Natalie!

Have a safe and Happy Labor day!
Gem :-)

lurkynat said...

Dear Gem
Joe is still Edior in Chief here and John Scalzi still is Journals Editor!
It is my impression that Jeff assists Joe!
thank you so much for your comment Gem !

bgilmore725 said...

Aw, shucks, Nat...! Thanks for the special announcement on my behalf... love the google photos... btw, how do you get them? Is there a photo haven out there in google land where you type in a topic, and pictures pop up? I just enjoy seeing how you match the photos to your entry topic each day. love you, Bea