Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Did the New Pope Mean?Do you Miss the Old Pope?

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What Did the New Pope Mean?

Do you miss the Old Pope?

Our new Pope was speaking at a university when he suddenly refered to "Muslims : the followers of Islam; a violent religion  which seeks to harm Christians..."

He inspired  a large set of violent happenings worldwide among Muslims who felt hurt and violated because they felt that we Westerners were seeking to make their religion out as not good enough.

Why would he want this?Why would you want this?

Do you miss our old Pope? The one who wanted to inspire world peace and working together? Our old Pope, the one who forgave his would be assasin and made him his friend?The Pope who asked the Jews to forgive the mistakes of the church during the Holocaust? Do you miss him?

Let us know what you think please.




psychfun said...

I don't feel the love with this one! I think this pope is going to cause some problems & it will be very interesting where Catholics go from here!

readmereadyou said...

I loved our last Pope. He was a saint. However, I don't fault this Pope for his feelings. He is a person, after all, and has a right to feel whatever he does feel. And, he apparently knows that Muslims do not like Christians or Jews. I'm not saying all Muslims but those that are following the writings of the Koran to the letter, where that fact is stated that they don't like these two groups and more is said. He apologized if he hurt good Muslims and that's all that was necessary.

One night, I was watching Larry King on CNN.....a show that is watched my people around the world. At that time, the former Pope John was Pope. This Rev. Jones, the head of a Baptist college that all Republican Presidents visit while campaiging, said that our Pope John Paul was the anti-Christ. I heard no one shout at him to apologize to the Pope or to Catholics.

gaboatman said...

I don't think for a minute that this Pope wanted the violent reaction to happen in response to his speech.  The Pope is human and, like all of us other humans, is not perfect.  He made a mistake.  What he learns from this mistake and how he handles himself in his public appearances in the future will determine the legacy of the new Pope.

pharmolo said...

Pope Benedict XVI made a mistake with those comments. He failed to take certain sensitivities into account; sensitivities which he should have taken note of with the Prophet Mohammed cartoons row last year. I respect Islam as a great religion of this world; I continually reiterate that the atrocities perpetrated in its name are abhorred as un-Islamic by the vast majority of its faithful. However, there are problems between Christians and Muslims that need sorting out. Benedict's admission that he was wrong may even be a stepping stone to this end.

sugarsweet056 said...

First let me say, Pope or not, he's still a human being...& human beings ALL make mistakes. I feel it was a mistake on his part, not intended to cause such an out cry! But, those are just my feelings, I can not see in his heart or mind for that matter.
I respect ALL religions & cultures, but I am first to admit I do not understand all & do not know a lot about many of them.
I am not Catholic, but I had great respect & even a love for the old Pope. This Pope, tonly ime will tell.

lifesabench6 said...

I'm not a Catholic, but I still respect Pope Benedict, as I did Pope John Paul.  Pope John Paul was so loved by many whether they were Catholic or not, and I think for those who still miss him so much, it will be hard to give Pope Benedict the same kind of thoughts.  They are two very different men- eventhough they're both leaders of the Catholic Church, but both human beings.  Pope Benedict was giving a speach basically about how religions should be able to have dialogue with reason, not violence.  Could he have quoted some other source?  Maybe.  But the speech taken as a whole, makes sense, but with all the media coverage taking just that one point is typical to say- what a big mistake he made!!!  He should apologize!!! Why can't he apologize more?!!  I don't think he meant anything by that quote, other than what his speech was about, and I think that from the reaction from the usual sources, they are showing that they need to stop the violence and start showing some of the peace that many other Muslims practice. Thanks Nat.  I'm talking about this on mine too, but I like hearing other comjments.  Carolyn

sugar1337 said...

Without getting stoned to death on here since I know you have a lot of Christian readers...I think the whole papal office thing is an old custom that has outlived its' welcome.  One man should not have so much power over so many people that to me have always worshipped him like a "god" or something (I am a x-Catholic so I am speaking from experience there).  The last few popes have been completely outdated and not willing to bring the Catholic church into the 21st century.  I think that what the current pope said about Muslims is probably out of anger and the fact that the Muslim church is growing in such numbers and the Catholic church is losing so many members...it seems to me to be a hate/jealously thing.  As history has shown us though, all religions eventually get to a peak then fizzle out somewhat if not completely and that is just the cycle.  

wfhbear said...

OK, he said something that was a little "off" he also appologized for having the words come out like they did. I know he meant the radical Muslims that are bent on destroying us all. I really don't care what Muslims think right now. If they are so insulted by these words then let them go into their owe community and clean out the "bad guys" so their image improves. Sometimes I'm just not sympathetic to the cause of those who wish to harm me. My Regards, Bill.

onemoretina said...

Hey Nat!  Thanks so much for stopping by my journal, and leaving a comment.  Interesting that we would both write about the same thing ... I guess great minds think alike? LOL    I'll be interested to see how the present Pope conducts himself in the future.  I'm afraid that Pope Paul was a tough act to follow, with his charm and charisma.  We shall see ...      You take care, my friend ... xx  Tina

knowinggodaspapa said...


shermeen0621 said...

I actually went to the Rome and saw the old Pope a few years ago. I'm not sure he would have said the same thing as the new Pope, but I can get where he's coming from.
There aren't many other religions that advocate killing in the way that some Muslims believe Islam does. The reward of virgins in heaven for killing innocents is not the teachings of an all loving God.

I'm not saying anything negative about Muslims as a whole, because its only a select few who have such extreme views. But it is a religious as well as a political issue. And even as the Pope, he has opinions. I don't see the radicial Muslim leaders who say things about Christianity and the west being strung up in the same way, maybe because we're so politically correct we let them say whatever they want!

sdoscher458 said...

You need to read the entire speech that he gave.  This small quote was not at the start of the speech...it was midway through it.  It was quoted regarding the violence involved at that time....the Pope went out of his way to say...this is a quote.  History happened...Christians slaughtered thousands in Jerusalem and so did the Moslems. Terrible violence on both sides.  Difference is most Christians today do not go around beheading, kidnapping, torturing, masacaring school children..I could go on and on.  The "gentle" majority need to stand up and repudiate the monsters within.....Sandi http://journals.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises