Thursday, September 7, 2006

After 9/11: How We Pulled Together: Angela inspired me

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After 9/11: How We Pulled Together:(Angela(readmereadyou) inspired me:

 I was sad after I reflected on how horrible 9/11 was.

Angela  mentioned the heroes of 9/11; the fallen fireman and policemen, the brave nurses and volunteers and doctors who helped that day.I did remember how wonderful I felt towards each of them!

Angela mentions how much we came together and helped one another! How we learned to appreciate firemen and policemen as a nation!How we came together adn how we started (and continued) to help one another out of caring and compassion!

How we must continue to do this and much more so that we can survive!

Wonderful Angela! you pushed us to see the greatness of our nation once again! bravo!

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And Marina has pulled together a very positive note and graphic of her own!:

Thanks for reading!


readmereadyou said...

Thank you for being so nice to me. That was very sweet.

springangel235 said...


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wfhbear said...

The caring and compassion on that day extended to many people who will never be recognized. Like the lady who gave her own food from her refridgerator to passing Firemen. Or the shop keeper who opend up his little Deli to anyone who needed water or food and would take no money. Everyone gave that day. Thanks for your entries. Regards, Bill.

gaboatman said...

A nice thought to hang onto as we approach the 5th anniversary.  Thanks, Nat!

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for the mention. Sweet of you to add me on.

monponsett said...

I was scared for about 24 hours, then I began to thirst for vengeance. Now, I'm very cynical and greedy about the course of the war. My attitude about the Middle East, oil, and our army is much like a fat girl, a failed diet, and a pizza... once you give up and open the box, you may as well polish off the whole thing.