Monday, September 25, 2006

Airplanes, Tigers and Bears: Oh My!

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Airplanes, Tigers and Bears :Oh My!

(The above title is a spoof on what Dorothy said in theWizard of Oz when she was momentarily!)


Sept.25, 2006

CNN announced that the airplanes will allow one small zip lock per person in your luggage that may hold :cosmetics, one toothpaste and one shampoo. Are you happy about the news? tell us what you think...


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Follow Up:Our blogger Bea Gilmore has explained to me that Flat Dads are carry overs from Flat Stanleys at many elementary schools! (Go Stanley!)

She also said that children could make a flat parentat home; along with drawing with dad or mom in a small sketch pad  ; which would be left at home for safety purposes. So what do you think, would this help?

Google did the pictures

A New Vaccine

Popular Science

August, 2006

Scientists are thinking that if they add a protein that appears on the surface of viruses called M2 , it could be affective! Get this: it could be soooo effective that it could fight viruses that we have not seen yet!!!

huh???!!!! :):) What do you think about that one?

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sugar1337 said...

I am guessing that this restriction is just for carry on?  I still think that is really odd...people like me use way more hair products and the like.  I always check in most of my bags though and only carry on the things like my camera that I am afraid will get messed up under the plane.  Either way, chances are I won't be flying anytime soon anyways.

readmereadyou said...

I don't take planes but I think, for passenger safety, it's worth the inconvenience.

As for the vaccine.......if it happens ever, we won't see it for years. Sounds like one of those news people on TV talking about studies. Did you ever notice how they get you to watch the news by telling you of some great health discovery, during a commercial, and when you get to it, it's either a flop or not available to the public.....yet. And then, you never hear about it again.


dying4happiness said...

You still can't take tweezers on the plane can ya?  Dang it, I'll never travel, nope no way!  GOtta take care of the unibrow when away from home!



shermeen0621 said...

Well, as someone who flies pretty often across the Atlantic, i'm not really fussed if i can't carry on as much as i'd like. sure, i want to have all my cosmetics with me so i can run into the bathroom before getting off the plane to make sure i look nice for Adam. But i'd rather arrive looking like i've just travelled for 14 hours than not arrive at all because some terrorist blew up my plane.

I know a lot of people complained about the restrictions, but I dont think they understand the dangers. Screw it, who cares if they can't carry on a bottle of water, they'll give you some on the plane!

Shermeen xx

ravenjuiced said...


libragem007 said...

just a ziplock bag? are they out of their mind? oh!oh! I don't think they're realizing they're becoming *controlling* just like what and how the other countries are doing it.
I hope they see what's going on soon! (Government)
Hi Nat,
Thanks for your kind and humorous comment to my entry yesterday.
Thanks for being there for me,
Gem :-)

lifesabench6 said...

I don't mind flying- but I've always rather drive- you can see more, and stop whenever you want etc.  If I ever did have to fly, it wouldn't really matter much to me, as long as they were following the safest ways to keep all the people from being a terrorist weapon.  As for the flat parents- I still think it's a good idea- if kids can work on them with their parents to make them extra special, then they will not just have the 'flat parent', they will have memories to go along with them!  I haven't read enough about this virus fighting protien yet to give a comment- I'll have to get back to ya!  Thanks Natalie!  Carolyn

wfhbear said...

I'm so sick and tired of all the rules and then the changes to the flying restrictions that I doubt I'll fly much any more. I understand the security measures but, am disappointed that this stuff affects us so much. Oh well, life does change. Regards, Bill.

am4039 said...