Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ondine Monet:Suddenly Carly :We Watched the Whale Rider

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Ondine Monet:Suddenly Carly:We Watched the Whale Rider

My teen brought in "The Whale Rider" and asked me to watch it again. It is a beautiful film on many levels; it covers man's anxieties; his ego, his imperfect and quarrelsome part and his loving part.

It is very wonderful to watch and the wonderful young woman in the film reminds me of a wonderful young woman I know in JLand; Ondine Monet.

Carly has had many tough times but she nevers lets them get her down. She fights like a tiger! And she succeeds in life, in friendhsip, in art and in love!:):)

That would have made many people arrogant but not Carly! She is very giving, open, receptive and loving!

People need her as a leader to look up to in JLand! Does she turn away; looking for sunnier climes? Does she bat an eyelash and disreguard a person?

No Not Carly!

Please leave comments for Carly and please tell us about your favorite leader and why they are your favorite!Please leave your link and if you choose to write an entry on this, please leave that link.TY!


ondinemonet said...

Awww Natalie...

This is so sweet of you! Thank you so much for your kind words. You have always been there to inspire and encourage me, and I am proud to call you my friend. Thank you for making me feel so special, you've lead me to tears, but  they are happy ones. Take good care, and thank you again for your kindness.

Hugs ((((Natalie)))))

Always, Carly

Ellipsis...Suddenly Carly

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yeolecontractor said...

Carly has always been a soother to me. When the world kicks me down I run to Carly's site to be massaged in her essence. Her art and pictures. Her words are like a Symphony attached to her pics which to me is nothing less than art work.

After Visiting "Ellipses...The Blue Willow Gallery"
(a journal of Odine Monet)

I search the ruble of words
to express the feelings I get
from feasting on your pictures
but haven't found them yet.

How you evoke powerful
auras in all your layouts
I accept it as your spirit
making regular payouts.

Stunning does not touch
what I am trying to say
nor simply will beautiful
explain it a better way.

I'll just ramble in my attempts
to bring the accolades on thru
and wallow in the lovliness
so gorgeously presented by you.

Del Cano 2005 March
Each of your pictures is a stunning moment captured in time.
Thank you for bringing a bit of serenity to my world.


gaboatman said...

Carly has always been an inspiration to me.  I enjoy her keen eye and perception that her photography demonstrates, her stlye, her humor, her scathing political commentaries and the human spirit that lives so strong in her.  Thanks for letting everyone know about her great journal.

My favorite leader was Ghandi.  He acheieved so much through non violent means.  He should be emulated by those seeking to achieve great things for their people.

wfhbear said...

I went over to Carly's Journal and had a good look around. I was thrilled with her pictures and after read her entries I sure enjoyed what she had to say. I like her polatics too!. I think you picked a "winner' to do an entry on. Thanks for showing me someone new to read. Regards, Bill.

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mavarin said...

Well, of course, Carly is one of my closest friends online.  She is funny, warm, perceptive, smart, vulnerable, talented, creative, off-kilter, and sometimes naughty.  Every time I see her fabulous photos of San Francisco and Berkeley, I renew my vow to see the Bay Area someday myself.  Carly makes it seem like a magical place - and it must be because its most interesting feature is Carly herself! - Karen

ondinemonet said...


Not sure what to say. Thank you Natalie, and everyone else, for making me feels so special. This was a very sweet thing for you to do Natlie, and you should know how inspiring you are to others as well, and of course, loving and giving. :) Remember that!

Thanks everyone, you are all special to me. :)

Love, Carly

princesssaurora said...

Heading to Carly right now...

be well,

monponsett said...

I'm an Army Of One, myslf... I just choose my allies well.