Friday, September 29, 2006

Tell us About Your Mischief:Scalzi's Assignment

Google did the pictures

Tell Us About Your Mischief!

(JohnM.Scalzi's Assignment)

(Or Athenas'?:):) wink)

There are perhaps many things I could talk about...:)

one time, my stepgrandfather wanted to babysit me so my parents could eat dinner with my grandmother... my father said he tried to talk him out of it, but, no go, so...

We were seated on a balcony and he was trying to feed me dinner... so... everything I didn't like, like mashed potatoes, I just lobbed at him with my spoon and laughed!

Okay Now it's your turn!



dying4happiness said...

Wish I could tell ya, but the case is still pending in court and I'm pleading not guilty LMAO!

lifesabench6 said...

Other than spending too much time on the computer, I really am a pretty boring person these days.  I'm sure I was a mischiefous kid, but nothing really good and juicy comes to mind!!!  Oh, wait- here's one I can mention in public- when I was in drivers ed in highschool with my best friend at the time, we once "borrowed" some real estate sale signs and posted them all over the school property, and another time, we moved the mascot (A lifesize paper mache cow) and put him in the middle of the stairwell, so the next morning during the first class change, there was a massive traffic jam.  Other than that, I think I was a little angel! LOL!  Carolyn

readmereadyou said...

Once stood on a chair as a child on April Fool's Day screaming......"Mommy, there's a mouse." Seems the joke was on me. There really was a mouse and mom got it with a broom.

libragem007 said...

LOL to dying4happiness' comment LOL! :-D

you forgot to mention how old were you when this happened?
Mischief..we've all done as kids.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Gem :-)

jeanno43 said...

Err, once some school friends and I poured plaster of paris into the school piano.

wfhbear said...

I love to play jokes on Libby. One time I told her that Chocolate mouse was made with a canadian product that included jellied moose nose. She believed it for a while. BAD BILLY!!!!  Hah, My Regards, Bill.

lv2trnscrb said...

too funny!!


sugar1337 said...

I posted this one!  :)