Saturday, September 16, 2006

How Much May a Teen Drink (alcohol) Before College?

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How Much May A Teen Drink (alcohol) Before College?

I am aware that teens are  developing still and that they need tons of strcuture and supervision by their parents.

Some high school Heads think that they need to "turn in" kids to other school Heads if a teen or an adult sees them drinking a beer at a party. Okay so how is this verified?(Avoiding wrong rumors).

Do you think it might be better to verify the homes wiht absentee parents (gone on trips,etc.) and see whether or not theyare serving alochol?

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readmereadyou said...

Alcohol in the hands of adults can be dangerous. In the hands of kids, lethal. Car accidents alone after a party are nightmares. Unwanted pregnancies due to the use of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug.

I often wonder why people can't have a good time, no matter what age, without a drink in their hands. I've been lucky. I've always been able to enjoy life without the false sense of "joy" alcohol provides.

I truly believe people of any age who need to drink in order to have fun have a greater problem then what's in their glasses. It's their way of dulling out inner pain or fear. It's usually lack of self-esteem that puts drinks into the hands of young people in order to be able to socialize. Why not try just being yourself. Like attracts like. Why drink and attract another drinker?

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wfhbear said...

I don't think the problem with kids drinking is the physical problems that it can cause. It is more the emotional damage that can occur to young growing minds. Remember that in Italy kids learn to drink wine and how to drink at a young age. Here in america it is how drink you can get not whether the wine gones with dinner or not. Regards, Bill.

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pharmolo said...

I don't agree with underage drinking. At all. I've heard more than enough stories of hung-over kids at schools the morning-after. I've heard more than enough stories of the damage to their psychological and physical development. I've heard more than enough stories of teenage pregnancies (girls as young as 11), resulting from underage alcohol consumption. Ludicrous to even contemplate that it would be remotely acceptable.

sunnyside46 said...

oh wow
I dont'' want my baby to drink at 16.
I did
I shouldn't have
and there was no way my mom could have stopped me
I dont' sleep a lot...

sugar1337 said...

Unfortunately there is nothing a parent can truly do unless they lock up their kids completely to keep them from drinking.  However, parents should teach their children responsible drinking habits, like not drinking and driving and not getting so drunk that they can get taken advantage of.  Most kids that party before college tend to get that out of their systems so they actually do better in college least that is what I have noticed with my and my brother's friends.  This country is so hung up on a drinking age and making it seem like some "bad, cool" thing to do that it makes kids curious.  Kids in other countries that are brought up with moderation drinking habits like having a glass of wine with dinner in the end turn out to be better off for it.

springangel235 said...

I have to agree with all Bill said...
Hope you had a wonderful week...hugs and love,