Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She Walks On Snow Without a Trace

Google did these

She Walks on Snow Without a Trace

(Introduction : this is apoem in honor of a friend who has recently died. It is a contribution to my grieving process and atribute to her.)

She walks on snow

without a trace

her spirit runs under the ice

he feels her face;

he speaks of her

to pass the knife;

<FONTCOLOR=#040080 size="5">to turn Love's Sword

of wonder days

and dark luscious nights

into Celebration



Her heart fills

His solomn eyes;

Ah were she still here!


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bgilmore725 said...

You loved your friend, and know her husband's grief. "he speaks of her to pass the knife," like it eases the pain to talk about her. Yes, my neighbor often talks about her late husband. It does help ease the pain...I wonder if she is crying when she is alone. She says she does, but it's been eight months now, and she says she cries less frequently, and with less violence. She's more into getting through each day. One day at a time. Her children and grandchildren help make life normal for her. Your friend too will heal from the loss. He will always miss her, but the pain won't stab so deep in time.           Nor will yours.             bea