Monday, September 4, 2006

Go and Visit Mark's Journal and Give Encouragement JLand


Go and Visit Mark's Journal and Offer Support Jlanders:'sDailyJournal/


Mark's journal is interesting and covers things that happen in his life and his responses. He is a "deep" person and fun to communicate with.He is interested in science and inquiry; yet he's also interested in our spirit and our spiritual life.

Mark has a number of problems with his back and his legs that give him enromous pain and discomfort with walking and lying down. One of the very frustrating things he mentioned to me was that he has to lie down in an awkward fashion in order to give healing and rest to his spine which needs that rest  in order to heal.

He is used to being very active as a contractor and a landscape architect so it is quite an adjustment. Mark is interesting and vivacious. He is also an artist and a photographer.

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libragem007 said...

you describe Mark as someone worth knowing. I'm on my way to get to know him with high hopes.
You are a good person Natalie,
Gem :-)