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What is Opus Dei of Da Vinci fame really?

What is "Opus Dei "of "The Da Vinci Code" fame really?

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April 24, 006

"The Ways of Opus Dei" by David Van Biema

There is a new historical book out according to Mr. Biema which gives a more informaed view about the workings of Opus Dei than the movie does.It's called:"Opus Dei An Objective look behind the Myths and Realties of the Most Controversial Force in the Catholic Church."

On October 2, 1928, a twenty six year old priest had a vision of a new kind of Catholic spirituality: a movement of very religious people who wanted to extend Sunday's worshp into everyday life. He foresaw a group of people who would pray a lot and dedicate theri life to Christ. This was controversial in those days because these were lay church members; not priests.However, it would appear that they did engage actively in social work that benefitted the community.

In the 1950's Opus Dei members joined in the government in Spain.

What do you think of Opus Dei given these facts?



readmereadyou said...

The answer to my feelings about your question can be found in this link:



readmereadyou said...

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cdittric77 said...

I support Opus Dei fully as a Roman Catholic. It is an independent prelature of the church (it has its own bishop and does not therefore have to abide by diocesan regulations) and is devoted to the teachings of Saint Josemarie Escriva.

Check out this page, http://www.opusdei.org/, for more information.


lurkynat said...

interesting links

bgilmore725 said...

Just on the basis of what you report here, I don't see how the Opus Dei vision is any different from what the United Methodist Church believes: that all members of the church are ministers of God, ministering to and for the community. If Opus Dei was started with that intent... it's a good intent. The book and movie is totally fictional... people must keep that in mind when reading it and watching it. I will probably have to do a little research of my own now that you have brought it up. bea

luddie343 said...

Having read the book when it first appeared 3 years ago, I thought it rather silly in its writing style, yet I did find the premise a very intense one for novel material.  As fictional as the story is, there lies a danger here most especially I think for Roman Catholics.  I was raised in that Dominican order, and must admit, Opus Dei has an unquestionable lure for the pious among us who feel a lacking in how they're advised to worship.  Therein lies the danger, quite obvious to anyone exposed to myriad of ideas put forth by Opus Dei members.  I can't get a hold.  Now that this book has reached the fame that garners a movie, I must ask:   When was Sr. Escriva annointed into sainthood, and what are the 3 mandatory miracles ascribed to him?  

lurkynat said...

Dear Cathie, What excellent Questions!
Ah! now methinks we should inquire into that! Anyone up for the challenge? Please note it here for us! :0 thanks Cathie!

lurkynat said...

Dear Cathie,
IN 1981, Saint Escriva was cannonised because he had prayed for a miraculous cure of Sister Rubio who suffered lipomatosis.Pope JohnII approved of his second miraculous cure of someone also in 2001. IN his speech Pope John PaulII soke of the imporatance of Escriva in Dounding the Opus Dei becasue it gave dignity to people by encouraging the unification of people wiht teh spirit of God in their work. Great question! love,natalie

luddie343 said...

My dear Nat - you're entirely too helpful, thank you!  I must admit however, that I still feel wary of the idea of Escriva's sainthood.  But concerning the larger picture, anything, absolutely ANY thing that brings people closer to communion with God and a better understanding of their own faith through study, worship, or simple prayer is a blessing and a positive action to take.  In that regard, Opus Dei is not as important as the PEOPLE it brings closer to Our Lord.  Thanks again, Natty, you're a sweetheart.  Cathy