Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day - Let's honor our fallen soldiers photos

Memorial Day - Let's Honor our Fallen Soldiers

We have lost about 4,620 soldiers in Iraq so far.

I don't know how many soldiers and service men and women died in Afghanistan, the Gulf War, Vietnam, The Korean War, World War I and World War II.

However I know that war is a terrible thing; people suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome and many people suffer heavy injuries. Some people die.

I used to go with our scout troop as they placed American flags on each grave to honor our soldiers who never came back.

I am thinking of these people now . I hold  high esteem for them today.

Please leave comforting comments for teh families of troops who have passed away.



sugarsweet056 said...


jlocorriere05 said...

Lets never forget those who died so we could carry on living in freedom. I hope you're feeling better now. Jeannette xx

bgilmore725 said...

We owe our freedom to do what we do to those who fought in those wars, and to those who continue to serve in foreign countries not war-torn. That's what the American flag is all about. It reminds us of the cost of freedom. Never should we take that for granted. Bea

readmereadyou said...

I often wonder what it takes to be that go into battle. I know these men and women who have died for us are brave and I thank the parents of such soldiers for having created in their upbringing a mindset of such love for others and our country. I pray too that those who have died are happy on the other side.


sugar1337 said...

It is important not to forget...

gaboatman said...

On this day each year we turn our thoughts to those who gave their lives for this country.  They paid the ultimate price so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms we have in this great nation.  May their surviving familes know how grateful this nation is for their deeds.  Their sacrifices shall never be forgotten.