Friday, May 26, 2006

Guess which two were picked for fist fight


Guess which two reasons were selected in a survey to cause a fist fight?

Please leave me your two!



bgilmore725 said...

I would say one person disrespecting the other in front of peers is one reason, and another reason could be that there is a long-standing issue between them that has never been settled. Fist fights are a way to settle the feud between young people. Alcohol may be involved... men are less in control of their anger and frustrations when they've been drinking, so a fist fight is more likely to happen between young men who are drinking or drunk. In elementary school, it is usually that someone's pride has been hurt, they were humiliated by a peer, or someone was insulted. Are you going to write about it, Nat?

readmereadyou said...

1) Saying something about someone's mother? (I really don't know....LOL).
2) Defending a family member?

sugar1337 said...

1) Someone hitting/making moves on your gf/wife
2) Drunken bar fights...drunk people are often just looking for a fight

sunnyside46 said...

I have never bee in a fight in my life! I did throw a coffee cup at my husband years ago...can't remember why now.