Tuesday, May 9, 2006

BLogs in JLand That Inspire


Blogs in Jland That Inspire

1. http: //journals.aol.com/princessaurora/CarpeDiem/entries/1856

Dawn is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met!Despite her illness (Lupus) she delivers wonderful tales of her husband adn children and the glorious adventures that they have together! Bravo!

2. http: //journals.aol.com/nightmaremom/ThisandThatandhockey/entries/1084/Addcomment

Donna gives us wonderful graphics that tell about her life; her son, ice hockey, and her work.She is always wry, warm, uplifting and interesting!

3. http: //journals.aol.com/hadonfield/ThehadonfieldMyersExperience/entries/

Hadonfield tells many interesting stories about his life, his family, and his aspiring wish to be a writer.He is interesting because he wants to help people.

4. http: //journals.aol.com/Gaboatman/DocklinesJournal/entries

Sam talks about the very complicated life he leads running the docks in Georgia. His adventures are inspiring! His family rocks!

5. http: //journals.aol.com/cdittric/Courage/entries/

Charley inspires people to look beyond the envelope; to use their own personal courage to help others in the world. Great work!

6. http: //journals.aol.com/Onemoretina/RideAlongwithme/entries/addcomments/

Tina can really cheer you up when youare down! Hey I think she's the rainbow lady! lol!She write beautifully about her family.

7. http: //journals.aol.com/Sunnyside46/PorchStories/entries/addcomments/

Marti lives in Georgia. She has weathered through the storms of Katrina and she is still among us ; leading us through sad and happy times with her glorious family and her basket full of love and joy!wow!

8. http: //journals.aol.com/debbie/Calmintherain/entries/addcomments/

Debbie is amazing; she hasbeen through so much and yet she fills us all with love, hope and joy!

9. http: //journals.aol.com/Luddie343/DARETOTHINK/entries/addcomments/

Luddie is new for me: she is a very dynamic thinker and excruciating as her life can be, she knows how to get the good out of it! bravo!




sugarsweet056 said...

I enjoy a couple of these too. ;0)
Blesings, SUGAR

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cdittric77 said...

You are too sweet! thanks for posting me :)

Be well,

sunnyside46 said...

you are one of the ones that keep us all together, Nat

onemoretina said...

Ah, Nat .... you must have posted this when I was out of commission because of my back.  I don't know why else I would have missed this.  Anyway, thanks so much, my friend.  It was so nice of you to mention me.  By the way, the back is on the mend, so I am hoping to be able to get around to reading more of my favorite journals again, so .... I'll be back here soon !    Hugs, Tina