Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A Tribute to Mothers

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A Tribute to Mothers

There are many wonderful mothers here in Jland!

I want to say I appreciate you and all of the work

you do!

Mothers often work hard and are not appreciated as much as they could be.

You Rock!

You can leave a commnet about how you will celebrate Mother's Day; or you can leave a comment about how you will celebrate with your own mother.

If you are not a mother and you do spend time with children; nephews and nieces or volunteer at the schools  you are appreciated here too!


sugar1337 said...


sugarsweet056 said...

My Mom/best friend went to Heaven 2002. She left the day after Mothers Day! I will spend a good part of the day thinking of her & all the wonderful memories we shared. My dtr will call & that's about it, no plans...just watching TV & playing with my doggies.

readmereadyou said...

My daughter always makes Mother's Day special and my son-in-law always makes a special trip to buy me flowers and he plants flowers outside for both me and my daughter every Mother's Day Weekend. My son will call (he lives in another state) and send something. : )
I usually do a painting of my son-in-law's flowers, so I will remember them in years to come. Little paintings. Actually, my SIL already started my Mother's Day present this year. I have a statue of The Virgin Mary in my yard that my daughter gave me when she was a young teenager (over 20 years ago) for Mother's Day. My son-in-law is building her a grotto in front of a little pond. : )


monponsett said...

Melissa threw up on me last Mother's Day.

princesssaurora said...

I think you should talk about your mothers day first...

I don't know what I am doing...probably brunch, then relax at home!

be well,

shermeen0621 said...

I think that if there is one job that you don't get enough recognition for its being a mother. I think its the greatest job in the world, not a job in the traditional sense. but that doesn't mean to say that its not hard work. it is, but its a whole lot more rewarding that almost all other jobs.

i'm not a mother yet, but i really can't wait.

Sherms xx

lisbnjvi said...

Every day is Mother's Day for me.  No need to just have one day to celebrate Mothers.  In my eyes, every day we wake up and look upon our children is a special day.  I don't have a relationship with my mother, which is sad, so I just concentrate on my own little family that my husband and I have created.
Hugs and love,

sugarsweet056 said...

Just coming by to say I hope you have a great wkend! ;0)
Blessings, SUGAR

yeolecontractor said...

A tribute to mothers is great. Mothering is one of those task which goes with not enough prasie or importance attached. Mothers, who are devoted and have the child's welfare at heart and act accordingly are priceless in their value. And precious.

Good stuff, Natalie.