Monday, May 1, 2006

Freedom Towers: Should we add a wall?

The Wall honoring the Vietnam veterans in Washington, D.C.

Freedom Towers: Should we add a wall?

Basically many people died in the towers and many people want away to have a place to walk around; to honor the dead and to feel that a candle is lighted for their presence quite literally.

I talked to my bookseller here today and she is of the same mind as Dawn and Angela. They would like to have a memorail for these people; that is why they mention a park with lights on.My friend here alos mentioned the possibility of adding a wall like the wall that honors the Vietnam veterans in Washington ,D.C.

It is a tactile way to be able to look at the names and feel that by going there and reading names and leaving flowers or something that you are with them. I have also seen people bringing paper just to trace the name of thier loved one.

So if we people on the Internet were to search for a group to market this idea to the public(not unlike what Tom Hanks did such a good job of with the museum honoring WWII) would that fill the bill? would you like it enough to go? Or what would work for you?

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sunnyside46 said...

I would like to see a park with trees and flowers and places to sit and reflect.

readmereadyou said...

I agree, as you know, with the person who commented before me. I don't how I feel about a wall. I don't need to touch something to feel. Maybe some people do or some families want to see the names of their loved ones. I can understand that.

sugar1337 said...


jlocorriere05 said...

As Sugar said, many of the bodies were never found, that must be so hard on those left behind. I think a wall with their names would be a good substitute for the grave these poor souls never got. Jeannette xx

lurkynat said...

I have been told by princesssaurora that the construction of the tower is underway.
Further she said that family of the victims and the heroes would like it to be more of a memorail than it is but nothing more is planned.