Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Two Travel Books for Scalzi's "Pick Two"; Ma Chun, Brown and Scalzi make the list ,

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My Two Travel Books

(John Scalzi made me do it!:)

The first book I choose is Ma Chun's "China's Water Crisis". He is listed in Time's comemorative magazine "One Hundred People". He is powerful in China , because like Rachel Carrson's"Silent Spring" he is the first speaker for the unavoidable bad effects of uncontrolled, unmonitored growth. He is an interesting writer. He says that people in China are now seeing that they too have a voice in the environment and that there are all of teh sudden legal options against contamination of the environment.

I picked up "Chill Factor" by Sandra Brown because there are no clues to the unsolved murder in North Carolina and I predict you'll love her style.

BTW:John Scalzi's books are great! I reccomend Old Man's War, Agent to the Stars and his newest Ghost Brigades. Excellent science fiction, very original, well crafted. Bea loves his work too!

Ok so please comment on these; or, alternatively, please list your favorites in comments or in a link to a blgo entry. Thanks!Have a great rest of Memorial weekend!


cdittric77 said...

Great call on the books you picked, Nat. I'll put them on my list. Awesome!


bgilmore725 said...

THese are new book titles and authors to me, Nat... except Scalzi' of course, and you are right, I am a great fan of his writing style and genre. However, the first two you mentioned (MaChun and Carrson), sound like authors I need to pay attention to. I'll be looking for their books and add them to my summer reads. Thanks for the suggestion, Nat. Great entry. Bea

gaboatman said...

I must confess I have read none of the books you have mentioned, but I will now be looking forward to reading these based on your recommendations.  Thanks for the good tips.

ng2000news said...

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