Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Great Source for Autisitc Summer camps and Teacher Training

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A Great Source for Autistic Summer camps and Teacher Training

A good friend and wonderful Jlander writer Jeanette wrote to me reccomending PyramidEducationalConsultants as a great group that offers wonderful workshops and summer camps for autistic children in America. This group also assists schools, teachers and parents who might need help in improving their communication skills and their education of autistic children. Jeanette's partner's sister lives in Europe and yet she travelled to America to partake in these summer camps.

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jlocorriere05 said...

PEC do remarkable work with autistic kids and, by teaching their families how to communicate with them, they've provided the training to the people who the kids are closest to. Andy's sister is a consultant with PEC and travels the world teaching people in other countries the methods they use. Jeannette xx

princesssaurora said...

As a parent of a high funtioning genius iq's autistic child, I salute you and these journal posts!!!

be well,