Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Daoist Philosophy; What we can gather

Daoist Philosophy


A Daoist Philosophy by Peter Myers

Taoism and Modernity by Henry C K Liu

This philosphy of life originated in ancient China.

Daoist philiosphy according to Myers has to do with the natural physics that run the universe. Daoists believe in the yen and yang; opposite forces or polar opposites that make the world go around. Daoism is an interesting construct because it states that in going along with Mother Nature and in being cooperative with people and life one can participate fully with the flow of life.

It is very ancient and yes, it does contain parts of Confuciousism and the I Ching.

The followers of Confucianism created a system that goes with a textbook and some sticks and one uses these two to interpret the setting and the gravity of circumstances that surround events that take place.

For those of you who have not experimented with sticks and the famous I Ching book; I reccomend it... it stimulates the intellect, but more importantly the interpertation of the lines that are revealed in the pattern left by the sticks can be enlightening in its' depth, its' history and its' down- to-earth format.

What do you make of it?



readmereadyou said...

I don't know enough about it to make anything of it. That's honest enough. : )

Yes, I've had my "sticks" read in the past. A dear Chinese friend of mine read them for me.


readmereadyou said...

Is there any reason you put this entry in twice. Trying to see if we are paying attention? LOL