Thursday, February 16, 2006

Who Let the Dogs Out?!

Who Let the Dogs Out?Lol!

I was getting groceries before Christmas break and my friend left a present for my teen...only we never got it! :):)I looked everywhere because my teen had seen her put it down on the counter  he thought!

Nowhere to be found..until yesterday! Yesterday we found it buried in the yard and frozen!:):) It was still a big chocolate bar with almond paste inside and a Border's card! His birthday card was on now finally he can write that thank you card! lol!

Has your dog ever done that?

Or your cat?


sugar1337 said...

No my cats haven't done that...they do annoying things at times, but they have yet to make me lose something.

princesssaurora said...


bgilmore725 said...

No, my dog would have eaten the chocolate, and tried to chew the plastic card. He might have left the card alone after he discovered it wasn't edible, but I'm very certain he would have eaten that chocolate bar without even thinking about hiding it! That is too funny, Natalie! A dog who stashes chocolate. Bea

sunnyside46 said...

well,it's cool he didnt tear itup